"This program, "Action in the Afternoon," was produced live in 1953 on the back lot of WCAU-TV, Channel 10 in Philadelphia. It's was television's only live daily network western.

A History of "Action in the Afternoon"

The Buildings of Huberle - Pictures

Some Photos

Jack Valentine on set (boom mike showing)

Wide Shot of Town and Cast

Gil Thompson on a high stepping horse

Three actors in front of a building

Tommy Ferguson in 1955

Jean Corbett (Amy, the Sheriff's wife) on Home Highlights, 1952

Exterior of "Action in the Afternoon" set in 1955

Blake Ritter and John D'Armand in the newspaper office

A Rehearsal

The Copper Ace Mining Company

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Action in the Afternoon logo from a 1953 CBS-TV promotion booklet about the show
Promotion booklet courtesy of Bill Bode, Director of the program
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