Ray Anthony & The Gang Do The Bunny Hop

Bandleader Ray Anthony had a big hit in 1952 with a song called The Bunny Hop. The record sold 75,000 copies in Philadelphia alone. Most of the Philly success was because of Bandstand. The dance went: left foot out and then in. Right foot out and then in. Repeat this two more times and then three hops. Repeat over and over.

Lee Stewart & Bob Horn on the 1st Bandstand Set

The idea of two people hosting was basically because of the radio success of "The 950 Club" hosted by Broadcast Pioneers members Joe Grady and Ed Hurst. Thus, WFIL-TV wanted to come up with another duo, Stewart & Horn.

Tony Verna, a long-time producer/director at WCAU-TV, beginning in 1953, e-mailed that he was the Assistant Director of the "Stewart-Horn" version of Bandstand in 1952 and early 1953. It was at that time he left to go over to WCAU-TV to work on such shows as "The Big Top," "Candy Carnival" and "Action in the Afternoon."

Jackie Phillippe, a visitor to our website e-mailed:

I was the first boy to enter "Bandstand" in 1952.  I had the number #2 Bandstand membership card signed by Bob Horn and donated it and another membership card autographed by Joni James, a famous girl singer at the time to "The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame." The number #1 Bandstand membership card was presented to Frankie Laine, another famous singer of that era and a guest on the show that day. ...I also was allowed to take some pictures of Bob Horn and Lee Stewart while at "Bandstand."

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