(left to right) Count Basie, Annette Oromaner, Ramon Bruce and an unidentified male
at the WHAT Radio Studios

This picture was taken shortly after Count Basie switched to the RCA Victor label in 1947. He was on a publicity trip to alert the press and stations that "now" Count Basie was recording for RCA Victor.

Billy and Dolly Banks owned WHAT Radio at this time and it has been suggested that the woman in this picture is Dolly Banks. However, it isn't Dolly. It's Annette Oromaner who was the secretary to both Dolly & Billy Banks. Ramon Bruce was the first African-American disc jockey hired by WHAT Radio and used the catch-phrase "I am the Bruce called Ramon."

Broadcast Pioneers member Mel Gollub, better known to his radio audience as Mel Stewart worked at WHAT during this era. He has identified all but the person on the right. Perhaps, that gentleman was either one of Basie's people or a representative from RCA Victor.

If you can help us identify the unidentified person in this picture, or supply more information, please e-mail us.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo originally donated by Chuck Sherman who worked at WHAT Radio
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