Broadcast Pioneers believes that the cream of the crop in all aspects of broadcasting deserves to be honored. That's why we are thrilled to induct posthumously into the Broadcast Pioneers' Hall of Fame, Art Szcykalski on Friday evening, November 20, 2015. Art passed away in 2010.

Born in 1943, he worked at WPHL-TV, Channel 17 for four decades as a camera operator, technician, floor manager, crew chief, Manager of Engineering and Operations and many other positions involved on the technicial side of telecasting.

Tony Romeo said on his blog shortly after Art's death:

I have worked at WPHL just under two years. I came to the station for two reasons. First; a station GM with a great vision and an even greater sales pitch and second; the chance to be a part of a station that I grew up with. Channel 17 as it was commonly known in those days, meant something, in the Delaware Valley. Not that it doesn’t now, but now it’s one of hundreds of channels. In my youth, it was one of about a dozen, and if you were a kid, possibly one of your favorites. Dr. Shock, cartoons, Dancin' on Air, the Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, and great re-runs of great network shows. I was very proud to become a part of that WPHL tradition.

Artie was one of the people I met at the station that was my link to those days and that tradition. He made me prouder to work here. His stories were phenomenal and his sense of humor was legendary. He told me about painting and re-painting the floor in the Dancin’ on Air days, how cold it was in the studio and how the kids on the set could barely hear the music at times. He told me that the DREADED DR. SHOCK, that the horror-kid I used to be feared, really enjoyed water-skiing!?! (Water Skiing? Really Doc? Not so macabre a hobby!) Artie told me lots of things. And I laughed and smiled and enjoyed every conversation.

But in all those convos he never told me he was sick. I was surprised and saddened when I heard the news yesterday. Artie recently retired from the station but I looked forward to seeing him and exchanging more stories. I am very sad I won’t get the chance.

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