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Herb Clarke's Garden Reports!

As many of you know, Broadcast Pioneers member Herb Clarke loved to garden. So it made sense that when he retired from doing the weather on Channel 10, he would look for something in broadcasting that he loved and that was everything to do with the garden. We have here the scripts Herb used for three broadcasts that he did twelve years ago this week.

August 5, 2002 Spotted Tigers

These big cats are very easy to recognize. Big orange petals, speckled with dark spots, as tall as six feet. You know them because they're all around the neighborhood.The Tiger Lily.

"Lillium lancifolium" is the formal name, but we can skip the formality. Tiger Lilies are a traditional, easy-to-grow favorite. They're not nearly as fussy about soil and moisture as their Asiatic lily cousins. Ideal in a children's garden, too, since they're non-toxic and gaudy.

For tiger lily blooms next July through September in the Delaware Valley, put in bulbs this fall or in early spring. I like planting tiger lily bulbs in the fall just a few weeks after their flowers have faded.In spite of their fierce name, they're really just pussy cats - easy to grow and care for and happy to put on a show. There's a new one I like called "Tiger Babies." Smaller, with large salmon-peach flowers and a cocoa-colored backside. Sounds almost edible, doesn't it?

Herb Clarke, KYW News Radio

August 6, 2002 - Sunlight Gardening

Hours of exposure to summer sun can cause skin cancer in light-skinned elderly people. So, they shouldn't garden. Right? No, don't give up the pleasure of gardening.

It's true that sun-sensitive older folks have to be more careful. In June, for example, when the sun's rays are most direct, they should hold midday exposure to 5 to 10 minutes. When the sun's angle is lower, like here in August, you can stay out longer.Dark-skinned people can take 5 to 10 times more sun than we palefaces.

Older people need Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, from milk and the sun to keep bones hard and avoid osteoporosis - "bone loss."Gardening is healthy. Among the benefits of working out in the sun are you sweat more and drink more water. They're both good for you. So, what to do?First, use a sunblock lotion. Wear long sleeves and a big hat, and do the gardening in early morning or later in the afternoon when the sun dips low enough to give you shade. You can garden. Just be smart about it.

Herb Clarke, KYW News Radio

August 7, 2002 - Offbeat Herbs

Home gardeners are devoting more space to herbs than ever. That's good. Fresh herbs for the kitchen are essential for expert or beginner cooks.

Curly parsley, chives and sweet basil are basic. Most gardens have them. But how about trying a few different ones? You could sow seeds now for a before-frost crop. Basil is great, especially for tomato dishes. Now try Lemon Basil for a wonderful citrus taste in marinades, salad dressing and baked goods, and Cinnamon Basil for baked apples.

Curly Parsley is pretty in the garden and on the plate, but the Flat-Leafed Italian parsley has far better taste. And Par-Cel has a combination flavor of parsley and celery that does wonders in chicken salad.You might be brave enough to plant Garlic Chives. It's strong and a little goes a long way, so go ahead, take the dare and plant a few different flavored herbs.

Herb Clarke, KYW News Radio

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