(left to right) Don Kellett and Tom Moorehead
doing play-by-play of a sports broadcast
WFIL Radio
circa 1946

Tom Moorehead was a former President of this organization during 1970. Tom worked for decades at WFIL Radio and Television. Don Kellett was a sports advisor for the station. Early in 1946, Tom wrote:

With television at last coming out of its infancy, it's time for guys who have been radio-bound until now to look into the potentialities of the field. Naturally, we're looking at it with sports in mind and there the possibilities appear to be unlimited.

That is why WFIL and WPTZ, the Philco television station in Philadelphia, are now televising the home games of the Philadelphia Falcons Ice Hockey team. At the same time, we continue to broadcast transcribed portions of the games, both home and away, at 11:15 pm on WFIL.

Televising a sporting events presents a problem not encountered in radio sportscasting. The radio listener, when he tunes in on a fight or a ball game, must depend completely on the announcer's description to get an idea of what is happening in the ring or on the field. But the sports fan sitting in front of his television screen gets his own picture. Consequently, it's up to the commentator to give his address something extra. Interesting sidelights, background of the game and players, comments about the audience, in short, we call "color." Obviously, the fan watching Joe Doakes taking the puck down the ice doesn't want to be told merely that "Joe Doakes is taking the puck down the ice." But he is very likely to want his attention called to the particular style of stickwork Joe uses or to be told to watch for a pass to the man on Joe's left, something of that sort. We're lucky, we think, to be broadcasting ice hockey for television.

At that same time, WFIL Radio (there was no television in Philadelphia at this time except WPTZ) said this in a house organ:

WFIL listeners who have so heartily endorsed the station's extensive sports coverage during the winter months are in for some special treats as spring draws near.

Special Events Director William A. Farren has announced plans to broadcast a variety of events including horse racing, lawn tennis, golf, midget audio racing, high school and college baseball, and all major track and field events.

The elaborate program has been outlined by sportscaster Tom Moorehead and WFIL sports advisor Don Kellett.

Meanwhile, Tom and Don continue their heavy schedule of play-by-play broadcasts, with boxing events on the air every Thursday at 11:15 pm. On most remaining evenings that period brings listeners on-the scene accounts of the games of the Philadelphia Falcons Ice Hockey team.

The station's house organ also says:

Tom Moorehead credits Jack Ryan, his co-pilot on the Jacob Reed Schoolboy Sports Show with something akin to mental telepathy.

Years ago, when Tom was a student at Germantown Academy, his classmates nicknamed his "Moose." But the name was forgotten for years, after he left school.

Recently Jack dubbed Tom "Moose" all over again, and he denies any knowing of its application to Tom before. According to Jack, "Moose" just seems to fit him, and he aims to make it stick this time.

Another story says:

WFIL's special sports staff are recording interviews with Phillies and A's players, coaches and trainers now in Florida for their Spring Training season. These transcriptions are immediately rushed north for rebroadcast on Tom Moorehead's daily 6:30 pm "Sports Roundup." The players give their predictions of league standings, batting averages, and team spirit around Shibe Park this season.

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