Jack Facenda

Jack Facenda is the son of the legendary Philadelphia broadcaster, Broadcast Pioneers member John Facenda. Jack was 67 years old in 2007, married and father of three boys. He lives in a log home which he and his family built in the Poconos, here in Pennsylvania.

He went to St. Joseph's Prep and to Notre Dame, spent three years in a Franciscan monastery and was graduated from St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia.

He spent two and a half years with the Peace Corps in Borneo and then spent thirty years with the Federal Agency that oversees the US volunteer programs, working with the Indian Reservations, the Hispanic migrants, rural and inner city communities from the Kansas City, Denver, and Philadelphia Regional offices.

In 1995, Jack Facenda retired from the federal government but not from community service. He spends his free time in his woodworking shop making furniture. He has volunteered in Haiti with his church group, and in Honduras with Habitat for Humanity. He currently runs a local food pantry and serves at a local Soup kitchen. It's a life of service that his dad would be proud of.

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