Gunnar Back in 1961

Here is a picture of Gunnar Back in September of 1961, broadcasting the RCA Color Newsreel on WFIL-TV, Channel 6 in Philadelphia.

Longtime tech at WCAU and WFIL, Charlie Higgins e-mailed:

"...Note the magnificent set that surrounds him compared to today's. Also, the piece of cardboard over the monitor to keep the glare from the lights off its screen. Truly all state of the art."

Bob Carroll, a visitor to our website e-mailed:

I worked for two ad agencies in Philadelphia back in the early 60's.....Al Paul Lefton and W.B. Doner (which became Firestone-Rosen). Our big TV account was Raymond-Rosen, the RCA Victor and RCA Whirlpool distributor, who sponsored the RCA Color Newsreel with Gunnar Back. As this was prior to color videotape and even prior to color film chains, all commercials were performed live, with Lynne Barrett as spokeswoman. Since all spots were live, we were at 'FIL every afternoon at about 4 pm for rehearsal. While we rehearsed in one studio, this show called "American Bandstand" was going on next door. ...Even had burgers with Dick himself! He even lived near us in Drexel Hill! Wow, what a time in history! I hope that I somehow helped to make color TV a thing of the future back in those days. You see, the RCA Color Newsreel was the ONLY live color news show in Philly at the time. We had the market, and we were trying to sell those $$$$$$ color TV's, the first of their kind!

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Picture originally donated by Charlie Higgins, longtime tech at WCAU and WFIL
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