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Frank Stone
Newsletter Editor

April Luncheon
Bala Golf Club
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reception at 12 noon
Lunch at 12:30 pm
Ratecard: $25 per person
(856) 365-5600

Wednesday, April 21st

(Left to right) Pat Summerall and Broadcast Pioneers member Tom Brookshier
circa 1975

Well, here's another luncheon bigger than the other one. It's our very own tribute to one of our members, Tom Brookshier. Sure to be another memorable luncheon and as big as or bigger than the fabulous record breaking luncheons of 2010 so far. The "Tribute to Tom Brookshier" will salute one of our members who is fondly remembered throughout the Delaware Valley and across America. Make your reservation now by calling (856) 365-5600.

Plan to come out and celebrate "Brookie's" life. There will be stories by the ton. It all takes place at the beautiful Bala Golf Club, 2200 Belmont Avenue in Philadelphia! Just minutes away from Channels 6, 10 and 17 plus the radio stations in Bala Cynwyd. Tons of free parking and for those who want it, there's also valet service.

Our moderator will be friend and Channel 10 colleague, Bill Baldini. On the panel we'll have:

Bill Campbell, the Dean of Philadelphia Sports Broadcasting
Angelo Cataldi of the WIP Radio Morning Show
Jim Gallagher, former Eagles Press Guy for 47 years
Dick Lucas, former tight end for the Eagles and Steelers football teams
Tommy McDonald, former Eagles player and sportscaster
Pete Retzlaff, former Channel 10 sportscaster & former Eagle

The Brookshier Family
Barbara & Tom Brookshier with children,
Linda (standing), Betsy and Tom, Jr.
(previously unreleased photo)

Plus Tom's wife, Barbara Brookshier will be joining us for the afternoon. We'll also hear from Pat Summerall and Jack Whitaker, live on the telephone.

Come on out and see some old friends and make some new ones! Recent luncheons have broken all previous attendance records and we expect this one to do the same. The Bala Golf Club is the place to be on Wednesday, April 21st.

At this luncheon we will be awarding thirteen $1,000 scholarships to area college students. This year the number and dollar amount is at an all-time record high, selected from 302 applicants, also an all-time high. The names of the scholarship winners are posted on the front page of our website.

Meet and greet (networking) starts at 12 noon with a full three-course lunch including salad, coffee or tea and dessert. Lunch is served at 12:30 pm. There’s also a cheese & crudité table. Cash bar available! The cost is still ONLY $25 per person and is open to all our members, any person in the industry and all associated fields; both people now active and retirees. You do NOT have to be a member to attend. Make your reservations now by calling (856) 365-5600. Get Driving Directions! Don't forget to reserve. Every month Broadcast Pioneers makes history, so be a part of it by being there!

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The next board meeting will be on Wednesday, June 16th at 10:15 pm. Beginning in September 2010, board meetings will move from every 4 months to every 3 months with board meetings in September and December of 2010 plus March and June of 2011. Mark your calendars.


You must be assigned to this committee in order to attend. Members will be notified by mail as to the time and place of this committee's three meetings.


With well over 100 folks in attendance, the March luncheon was another huge record breaker! Our "40 Years of Action News" was truly a memorable event. Another record-breaking crowd experienced the true story of "Action News" from our celebrity-packed panel that included: Mike Davis, Marc Howard, Lew Klein, Steve Levy, Monica Malpass, Matt O’Donnell, Joe Pellegrino and Don Tollefson, We had so many experts there, we couldn't get them all seated at the table. Our superb moderator was Broadcast Pioneers member Larry Kane, who anchored the very first Action News Broadcast on Monday April 6, 1970.

Introductory remarks were delivered and “sung” (We don't even ask why anymore) by Broadcast Pioneers Board Member Bob Kravitz, photojournalist for Action News for decades. Plus calling in from South Carolina was Action News' first meteorologist, Dr. Francis Davis. A wonderful touch of humor was provided by Broadcast Pioneers Board Member Les Waas describing the “Best Kept Secret of the Broadcast Pioneers.” It was such a secret that we can't even tell you here.

The panel oozed enthusiasm and warm memories of past and present experiences with Action News. A wide variety of topics and numerous personal insights from the group provided an informative, entertaining and “once in a lifetime” gathering of TV legends we all know and love. It was a very special afternoon with very special people, both on stage and in the audience. To hear audio, see video and view photos from the event go right here!


“It was a delightful get-together. For many years it was the number one TV Newsroom in the country. It has been an engine of television news in the country and I’m so proud to have been there.” Marc Howard

“I’m one of the original Action News Editors. It was great to share in so many good memories.” Harry Thomas

“Going back with all these guys, we were kids then. We had a great time and were very lucky to ride a great wave through television news.” Mike Strug

"I loved today! Seeing old friends was wonderful, but talking about the best time you’ve ever had in broadcasting was very special." Steve Levy

“Today was wonderful, nostalgic, but also looking to the future. The new media competition will present a whole new set of challenges.” Lew Klein

“This was a great celebration of Channel 6. A great celebration, about a great tradition. Very happy to be part of it.” Larry Kane

“Today was more than superior. They are knowledgeable veterans and the best.” Dorie Lenz

“Today’s luncheon was spectacular. Lew Klein was 17 and I was 15 when he was the first person to put me on the air at WPEN.” Kal Rudman

Did you know...

That the oldest known Philadelphia television footage of a live program is from 1947? After the Second World War, WPTZ started doing alot of local productions. One such show was a dance presentation of Engelbert Humperdinck's "Hansel and Gretel." It was performed live, aired over Channel 3 and directed by Paul Nickell. Set was designed by William Craig Smith, lighting by Carl Weger and choreography by Eleanore Chapin.

(Left to right) Eleanore Chapin, Jean Williams and Beau Cunningham
Hansel and Gretel
WPTZ, Channel 3 in Philadelphia
circa 1947

Note the camera cable is seen in this shot in the lower, right hand side of the photograph. The show was shot with two cameras and the cable was from the camera not seen in the photo.

Eleanore Chapin had the starring role in this performance. She told the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia that she did dance shows in Philly from 1945 to 1950. Eleanore said:

We were the Chapin Dance Players. ...I always did dance/drama, so there usually was a story involved....

They were all choreographed in dance form which always told the story. They were half hour shows. I was responsible for all aspects of the shows, besides choreography. We were on every week, so there was much work and rehearsing of the shows.

(Left to right) Eleanore Chapin, unidentified male, Ruth Price and Beau Cunningham
Hansel and Gretel
WPTZ, Channel 3 in Philadelphia
circa 1947

These photos were taken by Broadcast Pioneers member Preston Stover. Preston was on staff at WPTZ but moonlighted taking pictures of Channel 3 shows and selling them. Mrs. Stover told us that Preston would take the snapshot and then develop it that night in their bathtub. They were saving up to purchase a home and his photography work gave them the money for a down payment. Stover started at WPTZ as a cameraman and quickly rose through the ranks to become a Director/Producer. He stayed with the station until it was traded to NBC. At that time, his family moved to Cleveland and the newly acquired Westinghouse properties there.

We have a short video clip from this program in our archive. The quality isn't the best. It was filmed right off a television monitor, but not an actual kinescope, and thus there is some flickering. There is no audio on the film but it is a real treasure of Philly TV in the forties and the oldest known live video from Philadelphia television in existence in the world. It is available as Real Video only.

Watch in Real Video!

This regular monthly column is written and researched by Gerry Wilkinson


Maria DiMarco is owner of Mamma Maria Ristorante Italiano in South Philly. Since 1999 (until WYBE’s recent programming format changes) Mamma Maria starred in her own half-hour food telecast entitled “Cooking With Mamma, Old World Secrets” airing weekly on Sundays prior to the Italian news broadcasts on WYBE-TV.

Carol Chizanowski began in the broadcast business in 1999. Carol has been a radio show host in South New Jersey on the Italian Spectrum Show and Franco Midoria Italian Radio. Currently she is with Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT as host of “Philly Carol.” The station is out of Vineland and can be heard in Philadelphia.

Bob Loudin started as a page in 1962 at WCAU-TV, did a stint in the Army and returned to WCAU in 1969 when he became a Staff Director for KYW-TV. He has been heavily involved in national programming for Merv Griffin, Fox syndication, Nickelodeon, Hollywood Squares, to name just a few. Bob continues to be active and is still directing in L.A.

Todd Tuckey started his career in 1975 at Temple University as operator of the Student Activity Center movie theater. From 1980 to present he has been President of TNT Amusements in Southampton, PA, providing arcade style machines to business and homes. Todd is well known and recognized for his infomercials that have been airing for the past 15 years.

Cinematographer/Producer John J. Bell spent 17 years with NFL Films and has been President of Janis Productions in Blue Bell, PA for the past 25 years. Janis has done work for Aetna, Pfizer, ING, Temple University, Drexel University, the University of the Arts and Jefferson Hospital. His company now shoots in High Definition.

Jack Beebe started in the industry in 1953, at WPIX-TV in New York. He’s been a producer, writer for WOR Television and Mutual Radio Networks as well as Armed Forces Radio and Television in New York and Seoul, Korea. Over the years he’s been active at a variety of radio and television productions and is currently a free lance Operations Producer.

John Primerano was a child performer on Chief Halftown and then on Al Alberts' Channel 48 show. He's been featured on Joey Reynolds' program and Jim Lowe and Company. He has done voice over work and hosted programs on WBCB in Levittown for 15 years. He currently performs as a pianist and vocalist throughout the Delaware Valley.

WELCOME! We hope to see you at a Broadcast Pioneers luncheon soon. Bring a friend and share the excitement of Broadcast Pioneers!


We heard from Bob Leonard of the Fox & Leonard Team of WYSP fame. Bob told us that Sonny Fox is doing a morning show on Raw Dog Comedy heard over XM Radio and that he, Leonard, was syndicated around the world from the ABC radio network for 25 years. He has since retired from that and is anchoring morning news on a number of stations in Florida from the Metro Networks based in Miami.

We were watching an old TV show, "Dragnet 1968," when we noticed that one of the characters in the program was named "Tyler Finch," played by actor Del Moore. The episode was called, "The Big Amateur" and originally aired on Thursday, January 25, 1968. Unfortunately the character "Tyler Finch" had no relationship to Broadcast Pioneers member Tyler Finch, but we believe he still might ask for royalties. Can't hurt. For those who don't know Tyler Finch, you may still be familiar with him as "Dean Tyler." By the way, you can watch that episode on the Internet right here! FYI; one of our members really was on Dragnet. It was called "The Big Underground" and originally aired on television on Thursday, February 17, 1955. Peggy King played the role of the nightclub singer Betty Martin. Two months before, there was a radio version of this same show. Peggy recalls that she was on that too. The radio broadcast is available as a free download here. Right Click and then hit Save Target As!

Broadcast Pioneers member Sally Starr was the subject of recent Philadelphia Daily News/ feature stories by Chuck Darrow, detailing her broadcasting background, successes and hardships. We spoke with Sally who told us; “I was thoroughly surprised it came out so perfect. I’ve received so many calls…sure hope it stimulates some personal appearances! I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and go back to work, I want to shake all the hands of all the people!” We also spoke with Daily News columnist Chuck Darrow about the interview/story who told us; “Considering all Sally’s been through, she was wonderful. I hadn’t seen her since her 85th birthday and she’s still Our Gal Sal, God bless her!” Watch a Daily News online video abut Sally!

Broadcast Pioneers member Charlie Gracie will headline the big 50th Anniversary Memorial Concert at Chippenham UK on April 17th. Charlie and Eddie Cochran were close friends, with Eddie visiting Charlie's South Philadelphia home in the late 50’s enjoying homemade Italian meals. Chippenham is where the fatal Cochran car accident occurred on April 17, 1960. A sidebar! In the fall of 2003, Gerry Wilkinson and his wife took their youngest to England where she would study for a year as an exchange student. When in Bath in the UK, they saw a poster for the Cochran tribute starring Gracie. Since Chippenham was only a half dozen miles away, Gerry thought that maybe they could locate Charlie and have lunch. No luck so off the Wilkinson family went to Stonehenge. Later, they found out that the Wilkinsons missed the Gracies at Stonehenge by 15 minutes. Also, while at Philly's airport waiting to depart for the UK, the Wilkinsons were talking to another couple who were taking their daughter to England for college. Turned out that it was Broadcast Pioneers member Jay Lloyd, his wife and daughter.

Broadcast Pioneers member (and former Marine) Bill Russell was recently visited by a Marine Corps Sergeant Major who noticed Bill was using a cane to help him get around. Much to Bill’s surprise, while attending a Marine Corps installation of officers banquet for the Dutch Helwig Detachment, Bill was presented with a custom made cane bearing the Marine Corps logo. Semper Fi Bill!

Broadcast Pioneers Board Member and 2009 Person of the Year, Bill Wright Sr. tells us that Pioneers member Jim Murray (of Philadelphia Eagles fame) will be the featured speaker at St. Monica’s (Berwyn) Holy Name Society Communion Breakfast on Sunday, April 11th. Jim’s presentation is titled; “ Family, Football, Fun and Faith.” Thanks for letting us know.

Broadcast Pioneers member Sylvia Kauders appeared in the TV series "30 Rock" with Tina Fey on Thursday, March 18th. We bet that was fun! Watch the episode online! We also want to extend our “THANKS” to Sylvia for funding five $1,000 scholarships over the next five years through a donation of “appreciated stock” to the organization.

A growing portion of the revenues that fund the different activities of the Broadcast Pioneers comes from donations.  This includes our archival project and our scholarship program. Now, we are making it even more beneficial for our donors. Broadcast Pioneers is now able to accept gifts of appreciated stock, which provides a significant tax benefit to you. By giving appreciated stock (stock which is worth more now than what it cost when it was purchased), you can get a charitable contribution tax deduction based on the current market value of your stock. At the same time, you avoid the capital gains
tax that would arise if you simply sell the stock. So if you'd like to support our educational mission or our archival project and save money on taxes too, please consider making a gift of appreciated stock. We are a federally recognized, state chartered charity with a 501(c)(3) status. Contact us at (856) 365-5600 or e-mail for more details.

Special thanks to members Bill Kelley, Bob Loudin and Johnny B. Hall, for their personal cash donations to Broadcast Pioneers. We appreciate your generosity. The organization welcomes all donations form its members and friends at any time. Your membership and support directly contributes to our success.


Don’t throw out that working VCR just because you don't use it anymore! Broadcast Pioneers is in need of a few “old” VCRs in top working condition that can be utilized in our archive project. Also, we’re looking for a DVD recorder or two. We would welcome a donation to help us in moving the archival project along. If you have a VCR or DVD to donate, contact us at (856) 365-5600 or e-mail us at: Remember, for the next twenty years or more, we will be receiving donations of VHS tape for our archival project. You have to have something to play them on, you know. Major companies like Sony and Panasonic no longer made stand alone VCRs. So, please keep us in mind as you move over to HD and DVRs.


Philadelphia’s prominent consumer reporter, Herb Denenberg who worked for WCAU-TV for 17 years. He also served as Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner and was appointed to the Public Utility Commission, but left state government in 1975. After leaving NBC 10 in 1998, he continued to write columns for several newspapers including The Bulletin. Watch a 1988 WCAU-TV with Herb Denenberg from our website!

Broadcast Pioneers member Malcolm Poindexter passed away on Tuesday, March 30th just a few weeks before his 85th birthday. He had a remarkable multi-media career spanning more than 50 years in journalism encompassing every medium of the industry including newspapers, radio and television. He was a four-time Emmy Award winner and legendary newsman from CBS 3. Our best wishes, good thoughts and fond memories go out to his wonderful wife Ilse and the family.

Malcolm's Bio from our website

A Memorial Service will be held on Friday, April 16th at Deliverance Evangelistic Church, located at 21st & Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19132. The Musical Tribute starts at 1 pm with the Memorial Service at 1:30 pm. The church is on the site of the old Connie Mack Stadium.

Broadcast Pioneers will have a "Tribute to Malcolm Poindexter" luncheon on Wednesday, May 19th, 12 noon to 2:30 pm at the Bala Golf Club. We'll have complete details on our website towards the end of April.

In early 1998, Broadcast Pioneers member Malcolm Poindexter interviewed Broadcast Pioneers "Hall of Famer" Mike Douglas. This was video that was shot by CBS 3 with Douglas almost exclusively in the frame. We do have that video in our archive. However, we decided to upload it on our website as audio only. Why? Because you'll be paying attention to the interviewer and the interviewee and not the picture. By doing this, it gives you a better idea of Malcolm and his interviewing skills. This is raw audio and not edited for air.

Listen in Real Audio!
Listen in Windows Media Format!

Early in the year 2000, Malcolm Poindexter was a guest on "Worth Hearing," a 30-minute television program aired over LaSalle 56, the university's cable TV station carried within the city limits on Comcast. Malcolm talked extensively about his career in journalism.

Listen in Real Audio!
Listen in Windows Media Format!

His assignments included serving as a reporter for the Philadelphia Tribune, The Bulletin, Jet and Ebony magazines, the Associated Negro Press, the London Daily Express and KYW Newsradio. He began his career with the Philadelphia Tribune and the Associated Negro Press in 1947 as a general assignment reporter and writer. During his 15 years with the Philadelphia Tribune, he served as a writer/photo-journalist, columnist, sportswriter and editor, city editor, business manager, assistant comptroller and comptroller. In 1960, Poindexter joined the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin and it was not uncommon to see his by-line on the front page. He also contributed a number of feature articles that appeared in the Sunday magazine section.

In 1965, when KYW Newsradio was launched, Poindexter was one of the first reporters hired. His five-part series on the plight of migrant workers in South Jersey (which he researched by actually becoming a worker) won the station its first honors--an Associated Press award and the Sigma Delta Chi Award for "Community Service." In 1967, Poindexter joined KYW-TV.

In 1996, Poindexter was inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia's Hall of Fame. In addition to his Emmys and other industry honors, Poindexter has received more than 300 community awards throughout his career.

Good-Bye old friend and dear colleague!

William H. Seibel, a professor at Temple University in the Department of Communications and Director of the Office of Television Services. During his tenure, Bill was operations manager of WRTI-FM the university's radio station and taught courses in “Radio and Television Production,” “Acting” and “Writing.” Bill was a member of the Broadcast Pioneers.

Johnny Maestro, leaves a legacy of music that will linger to the end of time. He was a Hy Lit favorite when he released “Beside You," but in Philadelphia Hy Lit played the flip side and soon “Sixteen Candles” became the first Top 10 hit for “The Crests,” peaking at #2 on the Billboard charts. Maestro later formed the group called "The Brooklyn Bridge."

(Left to right) Jane "Pixanne" Norman and Frank Beazley
on vacation
(Previously unreleased photo)

Frank C. Beazley, Broadcast Pioneers member and retired president of Center City Film & Video, Inc. and husband of former TV personality Jane “Pixanne” Norman. In 1961 he was appointed general sales manager at WCAU-TV where he met his future wife who was appearing as Pixanne, the inhabitant of the Enchanted Forest.


We’ve learned 610 WIP’s Big Daddy Graham is battling throat cancer and has begun radiation treatment. He’ll be off the air for two months while being treated. Doctors tell him it’s curable and he says, “I’m going to survive.” It was an especially bad time for Graham who lost his mother at the end of March. Big Daddy opened for comedian Robert Klein at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill recently. Klein, by the way, filled in for Broadcast Pioneers member Ed Sciaky on WMMR on May 21, 1974 (with Sciaky engineering). A digitized copy of that show is in our DAP, Digital Archival Project. People who called the Sciaky home in the late seventies heard a recording like this:

Hi. This is Robert Klein. The Sciakys, Judy and Ed cannot take your call now, but if you leave your name and number I'll tell them to call you back when they feel like it.

Broadcast Pioneers member Mel Klawansky informs us that former WFIL Boss Jock, Tom Dooley has a tumor deep in his brain. He has been hospitalized to control the swelling. The specifics of his treatment are not yet known. Tom has a very positive attitude and believes that he is in God's hands. Since leaving Famous 56, Tom Dooley has been involved in Christian music and talk radio. His program called, "The Journey" is heard nationally on over 200 radio stations, coast to coast. Listen to Tom Dooley on WFIL Radio from thirty years ago!

We have heard that Broadcast Pioneers member Ed Elias, the Engineering Supervisor for WPVI-TV, 6 ABC is under the weather. We've got word that he has hospitalized for a little while but is now home. Watch Ed Elias at our 2004 College Student Symposium. Get better soon, Ed.


Broadcast Pioneers member Anthony DiFlorio has advised us of an event at the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in early May. A show featuring featuring Frank Sinatra, Jr. and his band is called “Sinatra Sings Sinatra.” Frank Jr.will be immortalizing the music of his legendary father, and showcasing his own talents as a singer and musician. The concert will raise funds for the St. Ignatius Nursing Home.

Broadcast Pioneers member Tom Moran passed along some info from a friend about member Ed Hurst and his wife Cissie who passed away last year. Turns out there was a connection between Ed and Penn State University, according to “The Penn Stater,” the Penn State Alumni magazine. Cissie was a Penn State grad and producer for 12 years of the Variety Club Telethon on WPVI, Channel 6. Apparently, at the time the program director was not a big fan of women, according to Ed who stated, “He tried to cut her legs off. Needless to say he failed, which testifies not only to her skill, but also her persistence in an era when female television producers were extremely rare. She was the most accurate, credible woman I ever met.” Cissie served on our board for decades, and her husband, Ed now fills that position.

Broadcast Pioneers members Joe Terry and Frank Maffei, original members of the Rock & Roll group "Danny and the Juniors" wanted you to know that there will be a cancer research fundraiser dinner buffet on Friday, April 23rd. Pennies in Action® was founded in 2007 by Uschi Keszler, well-known Olympic athlete and coach, championship ice skater and double cancer survivor. Call (610) 909-0428 or e-mail

We recently noticed some Internet bloggers and radio posting boards talking about WWKB-AM in Buffalo. It's the old WKBW, former home of Joey Reynolds who worked for years here in the Philly market. Seems they were discussing the station reducing its transmitter from 50,000 watts in an effort to save on the electric bill. Curious about the situation, Newsletter Editor Frank Stone spoke with Greg Reid, Vice-President & General Manager at the station. Greg told us, “we’re a $25 million operation, to cut back even minimally, the savings would be insignificant. We’re on a back up transmitter right now while we search for parts!” So much for that rumor!

Janet Zappala who we are know from her TV days at NBC 10, CN8 (now called The Comcast Network) and Fox 29 is a certified nutritional consultant. She has written a cookbook called, "My Italian Kitchen." The Emmy winning journalist included in the book her mom's recipe for Marinara Sauce with Meatballs. Janet said that she and hubby Steve Brody have a good arrangement. She cooks and he cleans the dishes afterwards. Hey, Steve! Ever heard of paper plates?

Broadcast Pioneers member Larry Mendte has been doing commentaries on WPIX-TV, Channel 11 in New York City for the last couple of months on their 10 pm newscasts. The station is owned by Tribune Broadcasting which owns WPHL-TV, Channel 17 here in Philadelphia. We have a few of them here for you to watch!

Climate Change, 3-20-10
The Soda Tax, 3-19-10
Larry talks about his colon!

By the way, rumors continue to fly that Mrs. Mendte, better known as Dawn Stensland (also a member of this organization) is considering a run for the United States Congress this year. It's already too late to run in either major party so she would have to run as an independent. The Daily News has reported that the Mendtes are looking for a home in Delaware County so she could run for the seat being vacated by US Congressman Joe Sestak who is not seeking re-election.


Kudos to our retiring Chairman of the Board Bill Webber for his five years of service in that position. He is the longest serving person ever to hold the Chairmanship. We thank him for his many years of service. Webber will continue to serve this organization as a member of our board.

Our new year begins on July 1st and at that time, we will be redistributing the duties of our top two positions in this organization. Our current president Gerry Wilkinson moves up to become Chairman of the Board (keeping most of his current responsibilities) and our first Vice-President Jerry Klein moves up to become President (with a great expansion of his responsibilities). In the last four years, this organization has almost doubled in size. That's a truly remarkable feat. This re-organization is necessary in order to continue growth, further develop our DAP, Digital Archival Project and to greater serve the current and former broadcasters of the Delaware Valley.

Other changes include Bill Wright moving from being a member of our board to Vice-President. We will have two new board members, Bill Gellhaus and Paul Big Bear. All other persons remain in their current position.


Part of the college student audience at the
Broadcast Pioneers' Career Night at Temple University
Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On Tuesday, March 23rd, from 6 pm to 8 pm, the Broadcast Pioneers presented our seventh annual; College Student Career Night, this time on the campus of Temple University. Bill Webber, our Chairman of the Board, was the moderator. Pat Delsi was on the panel as well as Broadcast Pioneers members Caroline Welch and Linda Munich, both Vice-Presidents for 6ABC. Also on the panel was Mara Webb, Creative Services Producer and Writer for WPVI-TV. It was attended by 120 college students, our largest crowd yet.

Mara attended our 2002 College Student Symposium at NBC 10. She was interested in getting an internship, but the NBC 10 deadline had already passed. However, she was referred to 6ABC and Linda Munich, who took her as a Creative Services intern. Shortly before her graduation from Villanova University, Caroline Welch offered her a full-time position in the department. Mara is a good example of why we do for college students, helping the next generation get into the broadcasting business. FYI, our fall 2010 College Student Symposium will take place this year at the facilities of WPVI-TV, 6ABC here in Philadelphia.


Wonderful news! As you may know, we have in our video archive over 100 original one-inch video masters of "The Al Alberts Showcase." They were donated to us by 6ABC, WPVI-TV last year. Well, the first group of programs have now been digitized. Some year, there will be no working one-inch video machines in existence. It is an antiquated format, so for preservation purposes, these programs must be converted into a storable, current digital format in order to survive the decades ahead. The process has now begun.

Last month, we ran a photo of WCAU Radio broadcaster Powers Gouraud with George M. Cohan. The picture dates from 1934, and we thought we were lucky to have what we had (which came from microfilm). Well, today we now have a much better version.

(Left to right) Powers Gouraud, George M. Cohan and Stan Lee Broza
WCAU Radio
early 1934

While it isn't perfect, it is alot better and we are delighted to have it. Also, the new version reveals that WCAU Radio's Program Director Stan Lee Broza (this organization's first president) was also in the snapshot. While not perfect, it is the best we can do considering that the copy we received was one inch by less than two inches in size. It was part of a WCAU Radio brochure that was donated last month by Broadcast Pioneers member Roger Hendler, an active contributor to our archival project. We can't do it without you, our members. Keep sending in stuff. Thanks.

Broadcast Pioneers member Johnny Hall has donated a copy of "Ted Mack and the Amateur Hour" TV program that he and his father were on during June of 1958. That program has now been digitized and is in our archives. The Halls played the musical instrument called the "Bones." It often is made of real bones but in this country, it would be much more likely to be pieces of wood. A variation of this is substituting spoons which we would refer to as "playing the spoons." Originally, the "bones" as a musical instrument dated back to the time of Ancient Rome and Greece.

Last month, we ran a photo showing John Facenda, Edie Huggins and two unidentified males. The unidentified man standing (with headset) is the late Jess Schooley who was an Assistant Director (floor manager) supervisor. The man sitting next to John is the late Peter Klein who was an Assistant Director (floor manager) and appears to be running a teleprompter. Within a couple hours, we received three different e-mails from members, all who identified Schooley and Klein. Since the newsletter is actually a page on the Internet, we quickly added the additional information, long before most members even saw the March newsletter. Isn't technology (and our members) wonderful? We think so.

And we heard from Jess Schooley's son Robert who sent us several photos he took as slides when he was in the WCAU-TV studio during "The Gene London Show." Here's one of them.

Broadcast Pioneers member Gene London
WCAU-TV Studios
circa 1974

A month ago, we told you that Sue Wright, Nat's widow, was donating a couple boxes of old audio reel to reel tapes. They have now all been digitized. Not only do they include Nat on WIP Radio where he was a mainstay for a quarter of a century, but also some pre-WIP broadcasts from WWDC in Washington. Here's two cuts from a Nat Wright beeper news report about a PTC Elevated train derailment. Can anyone help us date it? We know it's between 1961 and 1968. The reports were fed to the station via telephone, one after the other.

Report #1

Listen in Real Audio!
Listen in Windows Media!

Report #2

Listen in Real Audio!
Listen in Windows Media!

We are still looking for volunteers to assist us with our DAP, Digital Archival Project. We need all kinds of help. Plus we need people interested in writing bios and other stories for our website. PLEASE! WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you're interested, please call us at (856) 365-5600 or e-mail at

Remember, History is ONLY What Gets Saved!
(If there were no portraits of George Washington, how would we know what he looked like?)


(Left to right) Mike Teiper and Frank Stone

The Broadcast Pioneers Newsletter was on the scene for the annual “Leprechaun Leap Foundation” Polar Bear Plunge in North Wildwood, New Jersey. The event benefits the families of fallen police officers from Philadelphia. On location for the event was CBS3 photographer Mike Teiper who told us, “this is all for an excellent cause, but bake sales are a lot more cozy…the ocean was 37 degrees …these people are brave souls.”

We were also “ ON THE SCENE” for a rehearsal of the Cardinal Dougherty High School Alumni Band preparing for Philly's St. Patrick’s Day Parade. CBS 3 Anchor Chris May chose the high school band to profile because the learning institution will be closing in June. During its prime, in the sixties, Cardinal Dougherty High School had 6,000 students enrolled and was declared the world’s largest Catholic high school. We asked Chris why he selected this band, he said; “So people can know who these guys (and gals) are. There’s such a commitment and passion to the band. They’re extraordinary and the history speaks for itself. By the way, I hope to be a Broadcast Pioneer in 10-20 years!” Newsletter Editor Frank Stone was a percussionist with the band and a 1963 graduate.

A final thought...

After winning 8 games in a row; “We (the Eagles) go in to play Cleveland on one of those Lake Erie afternoons; the wind was blowing and it was snowing. The fans (in Cleveland) hated us so much that they threw beer cans at us with the beer still in them. They really wanted to hurt us."

Tom Brookshier
January 19, 2005
Broadcast Pioneers Luncheon

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