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Frank Stone
Newsletter Editor

May Luncheon
Bala Golf Club
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reception at 12 noon
Lunch at 12:30 pm
Ratecard: $25 per person
(856) 365-5600


Sure to be another memorable luncheon with record-breaking attendance (as all of the 2010 luncheons have been). This luncheon will remember and honor legendary broadcaster, journalist, and long-time Broadcast Pioneers member Malcolm Poindexter. This will be an opportunity to hear from Malcolm’s friends and colleagues as they share fond memories of a media icon. Make your reservation NOW by calling (856) 365-5600. On May 19th, the beautiful Bala Golf Club is THE place to be!

Our moderator will be Trudy Haynes, former colleague of Poindexter from Eyewitness News. Our panel will feature:

Pat Ciarrocchi, anchor and reporter for CBS 3 KYW-TV
Richard Johnson, Malcolm's friend from Opera Ebony
Robin Mackintosh, Malcolm’s former KYW-TV colleague
Mike Quinn, retired producer for KYW-TV Channel 3
Marciarose Shestack, former CBS 3 news anchor
Dick Standish, former reporter for CBS 3 & KYW Newsradio

Plus, Malcolm’s wife, Ilse will be joining us for the afternoon. Also live on the telephone, we’ll have Broadcast Pioneers member Al Primo, the creator of the Eyewitness News format and the person who hired Poindexter.

An extra added attraction, we’ll have the 3 Billion Second Man with us. Yes, all the way from Mexico, former NBC 10 reporter and anchor Gene Crane (he's been a member for more seconds than we wish to count). He’ll turn 90 years old on May 27th. That’s just about 3 billion seconds. Gene will be telling us what he’s been up to.

Be sure to be there to meet old friends and make some new ones. This season’s luncheons have had record-breaking attendance. If you missed one, you missed an extraordinary experience and a good time! RESERVATIONS ARE CRUCIAL! Don’t wait until the last minute, reserve now!

Meet and greet (networking) starts at 12 noon with a full three-course lunch including salad, coffee or tea and dessert. Lunch is served at 12:30 pm. There’s also a cheese & crudité table. Cash bar available! The cost is still ONLY $25 per person and is open to all our members, any person in the industry and all associated fields; both people now active and retirees. You do NOT have to be a member to attend. Make your reservations now by calling (856) 365-5600. Get Driving Directions! Just minutes away from Channels 6, 10 and 17 plus the radio stations in Bala Cynwyd. Don't forget to reserve. Every month Broadcast Pioneers makes history, so be a part of it by being there!

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The next board meeting will be on Wednesday, June 16th at 10:15 pm. Beginning in September 2010, board meetings will move from every 4 months to every 3 months with board meetings in September and December of 2010 plus March and June of 2011. Mark your calendars.


You must be assigned to this committee in order to attend. Members have already been notified by mail as to the time and place of this committee's remaining two meetings.


Broadcast Pioneers member Tom Brookshier
relief pitching for the University of Colorado
circa 1951
(photo restoration by Gerry Wilkinson)

The April luncheon was another full house to honor the legendary Broadcast Pioneers member Tom Brookshier. Remembering Tom the broadcaster and Tom “the man” were: moderator Bill Baldini. On the panel we had:

Bill Campbell, the Dean of Philadelphia Sports Broadcasting
Angelo Cataldi of the WIP Radio Morning Show
Jim Gallagher, former Eagles Press Guy for 47 years
Tommy McDonald, former Eagles player and sportscaster
Al Meltzer, TV Sports Director & play-by-play announcer

(left to right) Unidentified male, Tom Brookshier and Tom's brother
circa 1941
(previously unreleased photo - picture restoration by Gerry Wilkinson)

Plus Tom wife, Barbara Brookshier and their daughter, Betsy, joined us for the afternoon. We also heard from Pat Summerall, live on the telephone as well as Jack Whitaker.

At this luncheon we awarded thirteen $1,000 scholarships to area college students. This year the number and dollar amount was an all-time record high, selected from 302 applicants, also an all-time high.

It was a very special afternoon with very special people, both on stage and in the audience. To hear audio, see video and view photos from the event go right here!


“Did I ever enjoy this afternoon. That much love just makes me feel wonderful. They really nailed him and told what he was all about.” Barbara Brookshier

“It was a wonderful, sincere, authentic time remembering who my father was and enjoying each others company.” Betsy Brookshier

“This was just great. A privilege to be here. What a delight.” Bill Baldini

“ We were planning a golf tournament. Tommy McDonald jumped in the conversation and told Brookie, “let’s have a golf tournament.” Brookshier told him we were talking about it for 20 minutes. McDonald said, remember I have a concussion. Brookie told him, you were born with a concussion.” Jim Gallagher

“It’s always wonderful when students can be recognized and encouraged. Broadcast Pioneers does exactly that.” Brother Gerard Molyneaux, Professor, LaSalle University Communication Department

“It was great awarding 13 scholarships to future broadcasters. It is always a special event. It assures the work we do will continue after we’re gone. It was a good day all around.” Dr. Diego Castellanos, Chair Scholarship Committee

Did you know...

Scene from "Last Year's Nest"
(Left to right) Leonard Valenta and three unidentified persons
WPTZ, Channel 3
January 1942

This is a publicity photo of a 1942 live broadcast aired over WPTZ, Channel 3 in Philadelphia when the station was owned by Philco. It's of the nation's first soap opera, which was aired on WPTZ and called "Last Year's Nest." That program was the first soap opera serial on commercial television.

Keep in mind that WPTZ started broadcasting as a commercial TV station in 1941. The series was also aired over NBC-TV, which at that time had only a handful of affiliates. In fact, it was the first program to have a recurring story line. It was a daytime program and premiered on Monday, January 26, 1942.

Title Graphic

Leonard Valenta, an actor for W3XE/WPTZ and the director for the TV soap, "The Guiding Light," said in a 1982 interview:

I was a freshman at Temple University in '41 and I was looking around for an assignment and who wanted a "freshie" in their show, the Templayers. But I did read that bulletin board avidly and one day I saw a sign that said, "anyone who's interested in television doing acting in it for nothing - they did say for nothing - please go to C and Tioga Streets and contact Mr. Ernest Walling at W3XE" that was the Philco station at that time, and I think, the call letters were W3XE.

I think as for as acting is concerned, it was a learning process. I saw this at that time as a marvelous potential. I thought, this is going to be a new industry. It's gonna go far and what a wonderful way for an actor to get a screen test and that's how narrow my little television mind was at that time, but it was all exciting.

I'm very proud of Philadelphia. I'm very proud having been with WPTZ. The cameramen. The technicians. The scenic designers. Because there were a lot of highly skilled techno-people with love in their hearts and they put on beautiful things and what I would see later on in New York, where I am now, brand new ideas, brand new shows. I thought that's old hat in Philadelphia. We did it first and we did it just as, we may have done it better.

Scene from "Last Year's Nest"
(Left to right) Leonard Valenta and unidentified person
WPTZ, Channel 3

By 1951, Leonard Valenta was with the networks where he directed "Tales of Tomorrow" for ABC-TV. He also directed "Charlie Wild, Private Detective" for ABC, CBS and DuMont. In 1954, he directed "The Mask," 15 one hour dramas. He also directed the soap opera, "The Edge of Night" in the mid-fifties to early sixties and then moved over to "Another World" where he was the director from 1965 to 1971. Valenta was born on November 22, 1923 and died on January 28, 1999.

Last month, we ran video of the oldest known footage of the TV broadcast. It was "Hansel and Gretel" and dated from 1947.

Video tape, of course, didn't exist at this time. However, we do have some film from the series "Last Year's Nest.". It dates from 1942. The footage of "Last Year's Nest" was shot on black and white 16mm film stock from behind the television cameras. While it is not exactly what was seen over the air, it does preserve for us video from the program.

It is likely that the film was not shot when the show was live on the air. It is believed that the footage was done during a rehearsal of the soap opera.

Watch in Real Video!

This regular monthly column is written and researched by Gerry Wilkinson


Broadcast Pioneers Board member Dave Custis is a direct descendent of Martha Washington, wife of George and the first "First Lady" of the United States. Martha and George Washington lived in Philadelphia for several years during our first president's time in office. The city was the nation's capitol at the time. Much of the Virginia land originally owned by the Custis family is now part of Arlington National Cemetery. Why? Because Martha's great-granddaughter, Mary Anna Custis married Robert E. Lee. Since Lee was leading Confederacy troops during the Civil War, he didn't pay federal Union taxes and the northern government took the property for non-payment. Well, you may not know it, but Dave has one of the finest private music collections of 20th Century American Music. It is all indexed on 3x5 cards which measures 189 feet long.

As many of you may know, last month, we suffered a major computer crash on our lead unit. This meant that our website couldn't be updated for 5 days. We also lost about a week's worth of unopened e-mails. We had to wipe the hard drive clean and reformat the lead unit. This was a time consuming process especially since we had to reinstall all the software we use for the archival process and the making of this website. While we were doing all this, we added an additional computer into our system and updated some of the software. Now, the good news. We did not lose one single item from our archives. Why? Because we back everything up and we have even backed up the backup with additional backing up. It all still exists. In fact, because we use large auxiliary drives for storage (separate from the operating drives), we didn't even have to use the back ups for restoration. We didn't loose anything. No pictures, no audio, no video. Everything is still preserved. Special kudos go to our current Vice-President Jerry Klein for doing all our updating and the donation of an additional computer. On July 1st, Klein will become our 39th President with Gerry Wilkinson becoming our 38th Chairman of the Board.

We salute Broadcast Pioneers Board Member W. Carter Merbreier (Captain Noah) on his recent publication, “Grandpa’s Remembrances & Ruminations About Growing Up In A Small Town in Pennsylvania.” The essays are a fascinating look into the early days of this boy called Carter as he takes us on a fascinating trip “remembering” along with him our own childhoods, only to come to the “Autumn of My Life.” The cover photo of the rascally ol' captain fishing in 1930 was our mystery photo of the month in April. Well done, Carter!

Broadcast Pioneers member and Hall of Famer Tom Moran has checked in to remind us this year is the 45th anniversary of member Les Waas and the Procrastinator’s Club’s trip to the New York World's Fair…a year after it closed! Les says that the bus will be arriving any minute now.

In the March newsletter we welcomed new member Tony Marcie, but neglected to mention that he is a working railroader! Tony heads up Cape May Seashore Lines, which offers two excursion services between Richland and Tuckahoe and Cape May Court House, Cold Spring Village and Cape May City Service. See you on the train Tony!

Watch video of the train!

And speaking of trains, Broadcast Pioneers member Anthony Diflorio starts as the host of "The Night Train," the all night program on WHAT, 1340 AM. He's on from 12 midnight to 6 am, Monday night (Tuesday morning) to Friday night (saturday morning). The show started last evening. And by the way, congratulations to WHAT for winning the "best commercial" category from the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters. Broadcast Pioneers members Pearl Polto and Valerie Morrison join our Chairman of the Board, Bill Webber on the AM1340, WHAT airwaves.  Their new program starts Saturday, May 8th and airs weekly from noon to 1 pm.

Now on sale at the United State Post Office is a Kate Smith stamp. Our friend at the Inquirer, Michael Klein, reports that plans are currently being worked out for a ceremony by the Kate Smith statue outside the Spectrum. Smith's version of "God Bless America" was the Flyers' lucky charm. The team had an 80-21-4 when Smith performed the song before the games. According to Klein, the ceremony is scheduled for mid-May on the 36th anniversary of the first time she ever sang the tune for the Broad Street Bullies.

Watch Kate sing "God Bless America" at the Spectrum at the beginning of a 1976 Flyers Game

Special thanks to member Johnny B. Hall, for his personal cash donation to Broadcast Pioneers. Johnny has been donating to our DAP, Digital Archival Project every month this year and this month was no exception. We appreciate his generosity. The organization welcomes all donations form its members and friends at any time. Your membership and support directly contributes to our success.

Just at press time, we found out that "Phillies Charities, Inc." has donated $1,000 to Broadcast Pioneers in the memory of Harry Kalas. Their instructions were to use this as we see fit to continue our good efforts and charitable work in the Delaware Valley broadcast community.

The voice of the Phillies and 2004 Person of the Year, Harry Kalas has another place in the sun as Laurel Hill Cemetery cut the ribbon for the Harry Kalas Exhibit on what would have been Harry’s 74th birthday. Many items in the exhibit personally belonged to Harry, including a blue blazer and white loafers, which hung in the Phillies dugout last season. How about a chorus of High Hopes!

We have been wondering what has happened to Broadcast Pioneers member Donald Barnhouse. His phone was disconnected and messages to his e-mail address were bouncing back. He has been the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Bridgeport, PA for the last three decades. You may know him better as the Channel 10 news commentator on the John Facenda Big News. Well, as Rev. Barnhouse would say, "He has gone to Paradise." Paradise, Pennsylvania that is.

One of this organization's founding members, Shirley Morris has moved. Her new address is in Wilmington, Delaware. Shirley has been a member of Broadcast Pioneers for more than 48 years. She has been on our Board of Directors for decades.


We will be mailing out our membership renewals in a couple of weeks. Be looking for it. It's important that you correct any information on the form that is wrong. Otherwise, you will have incorrect info printed in the next edition of our membership directory that is due out this fall.


Broadcast Pioneers member Irv Ross told us that most (but not the cheap ones of the last few years) top names have special electronics in them that can correct and remove diagonal color lines from the video. Only the cheap machines are still available and they don't have these electronics in them, so we get a less clear picture. Don’t throw out that working VCR just because you don't use it anymore! Broadcast Pioneers is in need of a few “old” VCRs in top working condition that can be utilized in our archive project. We are especially looking for Panasonics and other top brands.

If you have a VCR to donate, contact us at (856) 365-5600 or e-mail us at: Remember, for the next twenty years or more, we will be receiving donations of VHS tape for our archival project. You have to have something to play them on, you know. Major companies like Sony and Panasonic no longer made stand alone VCRs. So, please keep us in mind as you move over to HD and DVRs.


Longtime Broadcast Pioneers member Ed Elias, engineering supervisor at WPVI-TV has passed away in April. The rumors at 6ABC, WPVI-TV is that Elias came with the towers. With a half-century of service to the broadcast community, everyone will miss him. Two of his children today work in our industry. The apple never falls far from the tree. Elias was a member of Broadcast Pioneers for two decades.



Monica Malpass' sons Jake & Hunter
April 2010

Less than a month after being on our March luncheon panel, Broadcast Pioneers member Monica Malpass added two more people into the Broadcast Pioneers family by giving birth to twin boys on Monday, April 12th. It was shortly before the 6 pm Action News broadcast ended. Welcome into the world two more sons for Monica; Hunter Jace Malpass and Zeke Jones Malpass. The babies came two months ahead of schedule. Her first son Jake just turned ten. The whole family has birthdays in April since Monica's date is April 28th. Malpass becomes the first woman to give birth after being inducted into our Hall Fame.

Another birth in the broadcasting family and again another boy. Scott Franzke and his wife, Lori had a son, August, who tipped the scales at almost eight pounds. Franzke has been on some our luncheon panels and it was the couples' first child. Congratulations!

We’ve heard from former WFIL Boss Jock Tom Dooley’s family that an MRI has confirmed that 100% of Tom’s tumor was removed during surgery. He is still considered “functionally paralyzed” on his left side, but will be working with physical therapists to recover. He is expected to be home in a few weeks. Best wishes to Tom and the family.

News from the KYW Newsradio front: Al Novack’s son Jeffrey, was critically injured and burned early in April in a fiery explosion while fighting a fire in northwest Baltimore. His helmet was burned and the heat melted off the face protector, and radio cord loosing contact with fellow firefighters. “When you’re at his bedside, you can see when his eyes are closed, that he’s not experiencing some nice things. You see a grimace on his face,” Al Novack said. Jeff was a hero. He had just saved a woman from a two alarm fire and went back in to help more. There was a flashover and he found himself holding on to a ledge 35 feet above the ground. He fell three and a half stories and suffered a broken arm and a hip fracture. All Broadcast Pioneers sends Jeffrey and the Novack family our thoughts and prayers.


Photos by Broadcast Pioneers President-Elect Jerry Klein

Temple University and the School of Communications and Theater announced on Wednesday, April 28th, the creation of the Kal and Lucille Rudman Media Production Center. The center will be the future home of TUTV, Temple’s digital cable television station that will launch this fall. The station's General Manager is Broadcast Pioneers Board member Paul Gluck who is an Associate Professor at the school. Gluck said: "Kal and Lucille were insistent that this not be about bricks and mortar, rather about how the school will help the students leverage every opportunity they can to have successful careers as multi-media professionals.”

(Left to right) Lew Klein, Dr. Ann Weaver Hart (president of Temple University)
Kal and Lucille Rudman, Interim Communications School Dean Thomas Jacobson
Broadcast Pioneers President Gerry Wilkinson and President-Elect Jerry Klein
Temple University, Sullivan Hall, Feinstone Lounge
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The TV facility will be located in Temple's Annenberg Hall built in 1968. The Media Production Center, which will include studio space, a master control room, professional editing facilities and an adjacent classroom/newsroom, will be much more than a television studio. As part of the Rudmans’ gift, an endowed fund was created to support master classes and seminars on key issues in broadcasting, entertainment and new media. The Rudman gift also supports an internship for a student to work alongside TUTV’s general manager to help create and implement production plans and oversee station activities as a whole. Here's 28 photos of the event.

We were surfing around the website and found out that Broadcast Pioneers member Carol Erickson has a blog on the station's website called, "Carol's Barking Blog," and it's all about dogs. There's plenty of information, stories and photos of those woof-woofs, both the adult type and the puppies. You can visit her blog here!

The late Steve Friedman, better known as Mr. Movie was honored on April 16th, at the First Annual "Mr. Movie" Steve Friedman Film Festival held at Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville. Featured speakers were fellow broadcasters, Wally Kennedy, Steve Ross and David Skalish. All members of the Broadcast Pioneers. It was a fine tribute to Mr. Movie!

Charlie Gracie, Jr. shared a remarkable story with us about a Charlie Gracie fan in the middle east. The 22 year-old Israeli was given a vinyl Charlie Gracie record for his birthday from his father. The fan goes on to say that ever since he started listening to the songs and music, his life has changed as he is in the process of recovering from a serious illness. The fan said, “Charlie’s songs were the only good thing in my life…his songs are one of my reasons for living!” Charlie is a member of the Broadcast Pioneers. And the music plays on!

Watch Charlie Gracie sing "Butterfly" in 1957

Broadcast Pioneers member Sylvia Kauders was in the spotlight recently when she introduced best-selling biographer Kitty Kelly on the Main Stage at the annual Philadelphia Free Library Festival. Kelly, of course, was there to talk about her new book, “Oprah: A Biography.” Let’s hear it for Sylvia!

On Saturday April 24th Broadcast Pioneers member John Primerano appeared on a telethon for Helping Hands Society, a children’s charitable organization, at The Mohegan Sun Casino in Pocono Downs, Wilkes-Barre, PA. The event was hosted by Primerano’s old friend and Wildwood buddy, comedian Charlie Prose. It aired on WYLN-LP, Channel 35 in Hazelton. Congratulations also to John for being included in the book by Richard Grudens, forward by Jerry Vale, “The Italian Crooners Bedside Companion.” If you’re in the entertainment biz, it’s a must have!

Congrats go out to Broadcast Pioneers member Dave Roberts' son, David Boreanaz. On April 8th, Fox aired the 100th episode of the hit TV series, "Bones." The show is now in its 5th season. The LA Times is reporting that the program has been renewed by Fox for a sixth season. Syndication of the series started in October of last year.


(left to right) Police Officer, Dr. Lawrence Frymire, children, Diego Castellanos and Big Bird
opening ceremonies of WNJS-TV
Monday, October 23, 1972

With all the talk about NJN having to operate independently from the state at the beginning of next year, we thought it would be interesting to dig back into our archives and see what the late Broadcast Pioneers member Harry Harris (a major local TV critic) wrote in 1971.

The New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority will be operating the first of its four stations in Trenton in Mid-March and another in Camden in the fall, probably October 1st.... The Trenton flagship, where two studios will initially originate all New Jersey programs will use Channel 52; the Camden station, located in Waterford Works, NJ, 15 miles southeast of Camden, Channel 23....

Twelve hours weekly, according to Dr. Lawrence T. Frymire, executive director pf the authority will stress New Jersey individuals and interests....

"The New Jersey stations will be funded by the state, .... but I'm sure they'll look for outside funding," (said Warren A. Kraetzer, Channel 12's executive vice-president and general manager).

...A 70 member New Jersey staff has been preparing for the last two months at a converted bowling alley on Parkside Avenue in Trenton.

A nightly half-hour newscast, a weekly forum, extensive coverage of the state capital and legislature, a weekly NJ talent show (John's House), a weekly half-hour program spotlighting the state's black citizens (Express Yourself), a weekly half-hour magazine (Life Style '71) (will be part of the schedule).

Dr. Diego Castellanos, a member of our Board of Directors, told us the above photo:

The civilian standing next to the police officer is Dr. Larry Frymire, the network's first Executive Director. I had just finished interviewing Big Bird and was now taking questions from children present. The little boy to whom I'm speaking in the photo was my own son, Chris.

FYI... Warren Kraetzer who was quoted by Harry was this organization's 12th President and our first president to serve more than one term (of one year) in office. He served from 1973 to 1975 and then became Chairman of the Board (our 12th) for one year. Channel 23 came on the air one year later than planned on October 23, 1972An interesting sidebar to this story is that Camden's Channel 23 was allotted in the mid-60s as a commercial station. Channel 12 was also, at one time, allotted for commercial use in the fifties with WHYY-TV being a UHF station on Channel 35.

You have been hearing us talk about the material of Nat Wright that was donated by his wife, Sue. Well, we thought you would appreciate hearing some of it. From February 9, 1964, we have a 53-minute broadcast in the "World in Perspective" series carried by WIP Radio. Each week, a different topic and a different host. This program is entitled "Hope for Retarded Children" and was narrated, written and produced by Nat Wright.

Listen in Real Audio!
Listen in Windows Media!

Last month, we ran audio clips of Nat Wright on the scene of a PTC Elevated Train Derailment and asked our membership to help us date it. Well, we heard from Broadcast Pioneers member Roger Hendler who says it's from just before Christmas of 1961, the same year that Nat came to WIP. Thanks Roger.

Don Battles, Ed Harvey, Mike Stanley and Sid Doherty
at a golf tournament
(previously unreleased photo)
circa 1968

Here's another broadcast we just put on the website. It's from October 28, 1965 and WCAU Radio. On the "Talk of Philadelphia" broadcast, Broadcast Pioneers member Ed Harvey speaks with psychic Jean Dixon. Ed had his program recorded by the station engineer and then asked them to dub it off onto another tape and remove the commercials. It is from that tape that this broadcast is mastered. Because of that, there are no commercials. It just rolls right on through for a half-hour.

Listen in Real Audio!
Listen in Windows Media!

We also thought you might enjoy hearing this excerpt from a WRCV morning program hosted by Jack Pyle, an inductee into our Hall of Fame. The date is August 6, 1962. The day after Roberts pitched for the Orioles. Pyle talks for over 7 minutes with no music. Even though this dates from 1962, the original recording was on transcription disc. We were able to clean it up pretty good. Be advised that the tonal quality is not high fidelity. However, that's how it was on the original recording.

Listen in Real Audio!
Listen in Windows Media!

Remember, History is ONLY What Gets Saved!
(If there were no portraits of George Washington, how would we know what he looked like?)


The newsletter editor was on the scene Saturday, April 10th at La Piazza Cucina Italiana Restaurant in Wildwood. Speaking with Broadcast Pioneers member/WHYY producer Ed Cunningham, who was celebrating the birthday of his brother-in-law, Lou Porsia, Ed told us, “This is the way we begin the summer season…with a celebration.” Entertaining the full house was Broadcast Pioneers member Kenny Jeremiah. Kenny said, “This is a great place with great people…let’s hear it for those Wildwood Days!” Our Editor's thoughts: It was a fun evening! By the way, Jeremiah will be back at La Piazza on Saturday, May 15th plus the Saturday and Sunday over the Memorial Day Weekend.

A final thought...

“There was a little boy in a church pew, sitting next to his mother who whispered, 'Mom, that's Malcolm Poindexter. He's on TV. I like him' I remember that like it was yesterday because that little boy was me."

Ukee Washington
April 16, 2010

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Photo Editor & Archival Historian - Gerry Wilkinson

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