The Roy Neal Story (WIBG & WPTZ)


WCAU Memo Announcing its Sale to CBS (1957)

WCAU Press Release announcing the death of Horace Feyhl

The 2002 Broadcast Pioneers Symposium

The History of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia

The 1940 GOP Convention's TV Coverage

Uncle WIP (WIP Radio)

The Sleepy Hollow Ranch Gang on WFIL Radio

The Magic Lady Supper Club on WFIL Radio

Early Experimental Philly TV & VHF Construction Permits

Philo Farnsworth in Philadelphia

Live from Wyndmoor, It's W3XPF on the Air! (Philo Farnsworth)

Walter Annenberg & the Beginnings of WFIL-TV

The History of WPTZ & W3XE by Harold Pannepacker

The History of KYW Radio by Joseph Baudino

The History of the WFIL Stations by Roger Clipp

The History of WIP by Ed Davies & Jim Tisdale

The Story of Channel 57

Memories of W3XE & WPTZ by William Smith

The Beginning of FM Broadcasting in Philadelphia

The Beginning of WHYY-TV

About Frank Hall, newscaster 1951 to 1955 (WFIL-TV)

About Virginia Peelor, Channel 3 Music Coordinator (WPTZ)

George Skinner & the first Local Color Broadcast (WPTZ)


First Broadcast from an Airplane (WFI Radio)

WCAU's Shortwave Station (W3XAU & WCAB)

Early Philadelphia TV Towers

WGL Radio, Philadelphia's First Licensed Station

History of 106.1 FM - WQAL, WWSH, Eagle 106, WJJZ, etc.

History of 1210 on the AM Dial - WCAU, etc.

History of WKBS-TV, Channel 48

About the Beginning of WRTI

The Early History of WRTI

RCA Closed Circuit television inside Gimbels in 1945

KYW Radio Moves to Philadelphia

Philadelphia Early Experiments that would lead to Television

The History of the Philadelphia Inquirer

The official start of WCAU-TV

"Parade of Stars" evolves into "Bandstand"

The Dedication of the City Avenue WCAU Building

The Early History of Channel 3

"Action News" on Channel 6

A "How To" Booklet on "Action News"

Some Information about WPCA-TV

John Carlton writes about saving people from burning building

Text of Lucille Luongo's speech to us (May 15, 2002)

Memories of "3 Blocks Square"

Broadcasting and Hurricanes

Some info about the early days of WDVR (now B101)

Dr. Charles Algase and a Radio Wedding!



1941 article about W3XE (now KYW-TV)

Taylor Grant's Early Years in Broadcasting by Taylor Grant

August 1947 article about Stu Wayne

October 1948 article about Stu Wayne

July 1947 article about "Please To Meet You" with Roy Neal

1950 article about "Open House" with Roy Neal

April 1949 article about Francis Davis

March 1955 article about Francis Davis

April 1953 article about Chief Halftown

November 1972 article about Bill Webber

February 1950 article - Toni Spaulding (1st female all night DJ)

Experimental Philly Stereo Broadcasts (February 7, 1958)

Romper Room & Miss Claire (July 1954)

Kuster becomes the KYW-TV weatherguy (8-25-65)

The Prop Shop at WPTZ (July 1954)

The Station That Happiness Built, WIP (July 1924)

WIP's Karl Bonawitz, leading organist (November 1924)

Dr. Russell Conwell and his broadcasts on WOO Radio



The Children's Hour & Stan Lee Broza (WCAU Radio)

Cinderella Weekend (WCAU Radio)

The Handy Man Show with Jack Creamer

Powers Gouraud

The Kiddies Theater of the Air with Uncle Jim (WLIT)

The Little Symphony (WHAT Radio)

The Magic Lady Supper Club (WFIL Radio)

The Sleepy Hollow Ranch Gang (WFIL Radio)

Uncle WIP (WIP Radio)

Sunny Jim, the Kiddies' Pal (WFI Radio)



Action in the Afternoon (WCAU-TV)

The Al Alberts Showcase (WPVI)

Atom Squad (WPTZ)

The Bill Bennett Farm Show (WCAU-TV)

Bertie the Bunyip (WPTZ & WRCV-TV)

The Big Top (WCAU-TV)

Pete Boyle on Channel 3 & Channel 12

Breakfast Time with Bill "Wee Willie" Webber

Candy Carnival & Contest Carnival (WCAU-TV)

The Children's Hour & Stan Lee Broza (WCAU-TV)

Cinderella Weekend (WCAU-TV)

"Deadline for Dinner" with Ernie Kovacs & Pete Boyle (WPTZ)

Deborah Adams & Features for Women (WFIL-TV)

Dialing for Dollars with Bob McLean & Connie Roussin (WPVI-TV)

Evening Magazine (KYW-TV)

Chief Halftown

The Handy Man Show with Jack Creamer (WPTZ)

Florence Hanford & Television Kitchen (Channel 3)

Happy the Clown - Howard Jones

Home Homelights - Jean Corbett, Bill Hart & Ed McMahon

Marian Kemp on WCAU-TV

Ernie Kovacs at WPTZ

Mr. Rivets & "Let Skinner Do It" & "Let Scott Do It"

Operation Alphabet

"Patches" & Jarrett Spotswood Lickle (WCAU-TV)

Alan Scott (WPTZ, WRCV-TV & WCAU-TV)

Sheriff Smith with Harry K. Smith & Pete Boyle (WFIL-TV)

Shock Theatre & Roland (WCAU-TV)

Talent Trend with Dick Clark (WFIL-TV)

Rex Trailer on WPTZ

The University of the Air (WFIL)

Paul Whiteman's TV Teen Club (WFIL-TV)

Willie the Worm (WCAU-TV)



What was Philadelphia's First Radio Station?

What was the first UHF television station in Philadelphia?


WIP Record List 11-5-60

WIBG Record Survey, November 7, 1960

1924 WFI Letters and Card


The First WFI Radio Broadcast Schedule (3-18-22)

First Philadelphia Radio Broadcasts (Philadelphia Record, 3/19/22)

What's On Philadelphia Radio - Sunday, February 1, 1925

What's On Philadelphia Radio - Saturday, September 1, 1928

What's On WFIL & WLIT Radio - Tuesday, June 28, 1932

What's On Philadelphia Radio - Saturday, April 30, 1938




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