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A word about our audio! The quality varies from cut to cut. This is for many reasons. First, the original material may not have been in the best condition. Second, the encoding was state of the art when done. However, technology has progressed to the point where Internet audio is now excellent. Once in awhile, we re-encode the audio to today's higher standards. For the most part, the encoding has been as it originally was encoded. Somewhere down the road, it would be nice if we could re-encode the audio with today's better technology. Until that time, we thought we would leave what we have posted. One way to tell if we upgraded the audio is to see if it's available in both formats. If it is, it's probably an updated version.

Our Audio


Stan Lee Broza on "The Children's Hour" (WCAU Radio)

Paul Douglas broadcasting a boxing match (WCAU Radio)


Powers Gouraud interviews George M. Cohan (WCAU Radio)

Announcement about King Edward abdicating (WCAU Radio)


John Facenda Newscast (WIP Radio)

Buddy Rogers and his Famous Californians (WIP Radio)


John Facenda Newscast (WIP Radio)


Powers Gouraud interviews Georgie Jessel & Sophie Tucker (WCAU Radio)

John Facenda with a news commentary (WIP Radio)


Local introduction to a network news broadcast (WIP Radio)

Powers Gouraud interviews Milton Berle (WCAU Radio)

John Facenda delivering war news (WIP Radio)


Al Henry (W73PH which became WPEN-FM)


WCAU local coverage of FDR's funeral train at 30th Street Station


CBS' Ted Husing does a local WCAU show, "Sports Scenes"

Tom Moorehead does Play-by-Play on an Ice Hockey game (WFIL Radio)


Franny Murray on "Sports Talk" (WIBG Radio)

Bill Campbell talks with Connie Mack, November 21, 1947 (WCAU Radio)

A Tom Moorehead Sportscast (WFIL Radio)

A Light Classical Music Program (WFIL Radio)

Midnight Mosaic (WFIL Radio)

John Facenda snowstorm report (WIP Radio)


4 weather forecasts by Dr. Francis Davis (WFIL Radio)

6:55 am news on September 29, 1948 (WFIL Radio)

The Voice of Tomorrow Broadcast (WFIL Radio)

Dedication of WRTI Studios (broadcast over WFIL Radio)

Audio from a Walt Maguire Sportscast (WFIL-TV)

Bill Campbell talks with Connie Mack (WCAU Radio)

"This is Television" with Charles Shaw (WCAU Radio)


3 weather forecasts by Dr. Francis Davis (WFIL Radio)

Hal Moore & Charles Shaw speak with Mr. & Mrs. Al Jolson (WCAU Radio)

John Facenda Christmas Eve Commentary (WIP Radio)



Powers Gouraud speaks with Ed Sullivan (WCAU Radio)

Powers Gouraud speaks with Pearl Bailey (WCAU Radio)

Local Philadelphia Newscasts

Powers Gouraud interviews Sophie Tucker & Paul Douglas (WCAU Radio)

Powers Gouraud interviews Sportscaster Ted Husing (WCAU Radio)


December 7, 1941 - Ten Years Later (WFIL Radio)

Powers Gouraud speaks with Belle Baker (WCAU Radio)

Powers Gouraud & Ed McMahon at the Ben Franklin Hotel (WCAU Radio)

Norris West & Stan Lee Broza talk about Powers Gouraud (WCAU Radio)

Cardinal John Foley as a radio announcer on WJMJ!


Jean Shepherd (KYW Radio)

Paul Whiteman TV Show (WFIL-TV)

Unidentified news announcer (KYW Radio)

Tom Rodgers with Sports (KYW Radio)

"The Theme is 30," the 30th anniversary show of WFIL Radio

News Special on Winston Churchill's speech about the death of King George VI (WIP Radio)

Cardinal John Foley as a radio announcer on WJMJ!


Stan Lee Broza & Charlie Gracie on "The Children's Hour" (WCAU Radio & TV)

Marge Wieting on "The Street of Dreams" (WFIL Radio)

Ed Harvey & Bernie Lowe on "Block Party" (WCAU Radio)


Pete Boyle (WRCV-TV)

Jack Pyle, Bill Givens & Bob Teter doing an ALPO commercial (KYW Radio)


Stan Lee Broza & "The Children's Hour" (WCAU Radio & TV)

Neil Harvey doing the Sign-on (WFIL-FM)

Jack Pyle doing the weather (WRCV-TV)

Station ID Jingle (WDAS Radio)

Cinderella Weekend (WCAU Radio)


Booth Announcer Frank Kastner (WRCV-TV)

Booth Announcer Earle Gill (WRCV-TV)

Sign On by Bob Bradley (WRCV-TV)

Sing Off by Barry Cassell (WCAU-TV)

John Facenda on 9-18-57 (WCAU-TV)

Joe Niagara on July 9, 1957 (WIBG Radio)


Ed Randall (WCAU Radio)

Stan Lee Broza & "The Children's Hour" (WCAU Radio & TV)

Stock Market Report (WFLN Radio)

Business Report with Jim Felix (WFIL Radio)

Newcaster Joe Brush (WCAU Radio)

Creighton Stewart, "For Women Only" (WCAU Radio)

George Thomas, "For Women Only" (WCAU Radio) (5 shows)

RCA Color Newsreel with Gunnar Back (9/15/58) (WFIL-TV)

Pulse of the News with Vince Leonard (WRCV-TV)

Tonight - John Roberts & Jim Felix (WFIL Radio)

News with George Lord (9/9/58) (WCAU Radio)

Regional Roundup with George Lord (WCAU Radio)

A & P Commercial read by John Paul Weber (WIP Radio)

Tonight - Tom Rodgers (9/11/58) (WFIL Radio)

Tonight - John Roberts & Francis Davis talk about Hurricane Daisy (8/28/58) (WFIL Radio)

Tonight - John Roberts, Francis Davis & Jim Klash (9/16/58) (WFIL Radio)

Noon News, September 1958 (WKDN, Camden) (Donahue & Milner) (2 shows)

Noon News, September 1958 (John Sturckle) (WKDN, Camden)

WVUE, Channel 12 ID

Features for Women with Deborah Adams (WFIL-TV)

Paul Taylor doing the news (WRCV Radio)

People on the street about John Foster Dulles talking to Paul Parker (WIP Radio)

Paul Sullivan & the Quaker Question Mike (WIP Radio)

Paul Sullivan, Commentary (WIP Radio)

Taylor Grant & the News (WRCV-TV)

Tom Rodgers does the Business News (WFIL-TV) (2 shows)

Behind the Headlines with John Facenda (WCAU Radio)

John Trent on "World on Parade" (WCAU Radio)

A Radio Remote (WCAU Radio)

Ralph Collier interviews James Darren on "Hi Neighbor Party Time" (WCAU Radio)

Newscaster Ken Mayer (WCAU Radio)

Loretta Downes doing an RCA Television Commercial (WFIL-TV)


Business Report with Jim Felix (WFIL Radio)

Bill "Wee Willie" Webber on Breakfast Time (WFIL-TV)


Bob Knox doing the news (WIBG Radio)


Frank Kastner (WFLN Radio)

"Big Al" Meltzer (WEBR Radio, Buffalo)

Mac McGuire & Flying Officer Al Schwartzman (WPEN Radio)

Nat Wright on the scene of a PTC Elevated Train Derailment (WIP Radio)


John Facenda newscast (WCAU AM & FM)

Jack Pyle talks about Robin Roberts (WRCV Radio)


John Carlton - Helicopter Crashes (Atlantic Go Patrol)

Merrill Reese (WRTI-FM)

Red Benson & Malcolm X (WPEN Radio)

Evening Edition coverage of JFK Assassination (WCAU Radio)

John Facenda delivers the Eulogy for President Kennedy

WFIL Studio Schoolhouse Presents "Storyland" (2 episodes)

Ed Harvey & John Carlton (WCAU Radio)

Ed Harvey interviews Alfred Hitchcock (WCAU Radio)

The Gene London Show (WCAU-TV)


Studio Schoolhouse Presents "Storyland" (WFIL Radio)

John Carlton - Another Helicopter Crashes (Atlantic Go Patrol)

Ed Harvey speaks with Louis Niger & Faye Emerson (WCAU Radio)

Ed Harvey talks with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (WCAU Radio)

Ed Harvey talks with Julie Andrews (WCAU Radio)

George Redpath (WFIL Radio)

Ed Harvey & guests (including Captain Noah) talk about the play, The Deputy (WCAU Radio)

Anniversary in Sound with Hal Woodard (WFIL Radio)

5 Gene Graves Newscasts (WFIL Radio)

Bill Campbell interviews Phyllis Diller (WCAU Radio)

"World in Perspective, Retarded Children" with Nat Wright (WIP Radio)


Handel's Messiah (WXUR Radio)

Station newsmen including Jules Rind & Art Curley (WPEN Radio)

"News Conference" with George Lord (WCAU Radio)

Pat Delsi (WCAM Radio)

Format change to all news (KYW Radio)

John Facenda on WCAU Radio (December 31, 1965)

John Facenda on WCAU-TV (March 15, 1965)

Station Identification (WRCV-TV)

Jingle & Bill Wright, Sr. (WIBG Radio)

Paul Norton, John Raleigh & Jingle (WFIL Radio)

Gordon Thomas on WIP Radio

Gunnar Back (WFIL Radio)

Gunnar Back & Pat Leslie on the RCA Color Newsreel (WFIL-TV)

Jack McKinney & the JFK Assassination (WCAU Radio)

Red Benson (WPEN Radio)

3 cuts of Newscaster Bruce Davis (WIBG Radio)

3 cuts of Newscaster Tom Stanwood (WIBG Radio)


15 clips from October, November & December (KYW Newsradio)

George Lord & Dan Curtis do the news (WCAU Radio)

Dave Brubeck Concert Commentary (WRTI-FM)

Promo and station identification (WRCV Radio)

Nat Wright announcing the death of Adlai Stevenson (WIP Radio)

George Redpath Newscast (WFIL Radio)

Joe Novenson Newscast (WFIL Radio)

John Facenda announcing the death of Adlai Stevenson (WCAU-TV)

Ed Harvey interviews Jean Dixon (WCAU Radio)


Allen Stone Newscast (WFIL Radio)

Tom Snyder & Marciarose (KYW-TV)

Jim Ameche & Bob Pope (WRCP Radio)

Ed Harvey talks with a man who communicates with Aliens (WCAU Radio)

Richard Kellman does the news (WFIL Radio)

Bob Bradley & The Today Show weather (KYW-TV)

George Redpath Anchoring (WFIL-TV)

Vince Leonard & Bill Kuster (KYW-TV)

Bob Bradley announcing & Jim Collis doing news (KYW-TV)

John Paul Weber, Nat Wright & Robert Vaughan (WIP Radio)

Bill Smith & Paul Taylor (WPEN Radio)

Joe Rainey & Carl Stokes on "The Listening Post" (WDAS AM & FM)

Roy Nassau doing a complete newscast (WFIL Radio)

John Roberts (WFIL-TV)

Gunnar Back speaks with Andrew Wyeth (WFIL Radio)

Opening to "Party Time" with Bob Donze, Jerry Del Colliano and Walter Moore (WRTI-FM)

News with Pat Delsi (WCAM Radio)


John Facenda & Donald Barnhouse (WCAU-TV)

Ed Sciaky & Janis Ian (WRTI-FM)

Ed Harvey with a mystery guest (WCAU Radio)

Vince Leonard & Trudy Haynes (KYW-TV)

30 minute interview with KYW-TV's Tom Snyder

30 minute interview with WIP's Joe McCauley

John Carlton does booth announcing (WKBS-TV)

Ed Sciaky with Peter, Paul and Mary (WRTI-FM)

Frank Ford (WCAU Radio)

Jerry Del Colliano doing the station ID (WFIL-TV)

Jack McKinney interviews Pete Seeger (WCAU Radio)

Ed Sciaky interviews Joni Mitchell (WRTI-FM)

Ed Harvey interviews Dwight Eisenhower (WCAU Radio)


John Bryan on Eyewitness News (KYW-TV)

Bob Nelson (KYW Newsradio)

John Zacherle Interview

Two Jingles (WIP Radio)

John Carlton does booth announcing (WKBS-TV)

"The Street Where You Live" with Paul Norton & Larry Ferrari (WFIL-TV)

Ed Sciaky on "Broadside" (WRTI-FM)

Tribute to Joe McCauley (WIP Radio)


Allen Stone Newscast (WFIL Radio)

Gary Geers & Bob Bradley (KYW-TV)

Herb Clarke, Tom Brookshier, Don Barnhouse & Gene Crane (WCAU-TV)


WPEN Jingle

Interview with WIP's Program Director, Allan Hotlen

Ed Cunningham (WFLN-FM)

Horn & Hardart Commercial

Vince Leonard (KYW-TV)

Bruce Smallwood (WDVR Radio)

Apollo 11 Splashdown and other stories (KYW Newsradio)


the Horror Castle contest with all 6 DJs (WDAS Radio)

Gary Geers - live booth announcing (KYW-TV)

Eyewitness News Promo (KYW-TV)

Bill "Wee Willie" Webber doing a Channel 17 ID (WPHL-TV)

Bowling show & spots (WTAF-TV)

Some Channel 29 Promos & Spots (WTAF-TV)

Traffic Reports from WCAU Radio's NewsBeat program

Jocko Henderson doing a Philly Talk Commercial

John Facenda's Notebook (WCAU Radio)

Georgie Woods (WDAS Radio)

Nat Wright on "The Dawn Patrol" (WIP Radio)

Jerry Del Colliano doing the news (WIP Radio)


"My Father's Son," Steve Leon (WDAS-FM)

Al Julius on NewsBeat (WCAU Radio)

Don Lancer does a whole half-hour segment (KYW Newsradio)

Bill Gregory, Harry Johnson & Jay Lloyd (KYW Newsradio)

Dick Standish, Bill Bransome & others reporting about Apollo 14 (KYW Newsradio)

Harry "Bud" Smith does the station sign-on (KYW-TV)

Harry "Bud" Smith stalls for 10 minutes (KYW-TV)

Paul Henderson on Action News (WFIL-TV)

Theresa Brown (KYW Newsradio)

Wynn Moore, Bill Hart & Rich Mayk (WCAU Radio)

Dominic Quinn (WCAU Radio)

Bill St. James (WIP Radio)

Bob Perkins with a news special about the US Supreme Court (WDAS Radio)

Ken Roberts doing a newscast (WCAU Radio)

John Marion doing a newscast (WCAU-FM)

Jim O'Brien (WFIL Radio)

Vince Leonard talking about the Apollo 15 moon landing (KYW-TV)

Sally Starr on "Popeye Theater" (WPVI-TV)

Captain & Mrs. Noah (WPVI-TV)

Station ID voiced by Jimmy Bishop (WDAS-FM)


Peter Gamble on NewsBeat (WCAU Radio)

WIP Election Coverage

KYW Newsradio Primary Election Coverage

Vince Leonard on KYW-TV (Nixon in China & Wallace Shooting)

Wes Sarginson anchoring (KYW-TV)

WHYY General Manager Warren Kraetzer speaks (KYW-TV)

WHYY General Manager Warren Kraetzer does a Pledge Drive spot (WHYY-TV)

Nixon in China (KYW Newsradio)

Shooting of George Wallace & Michigan/Maryland Primary Coverage (KYW Newsradio)

John Facenda & Judd Hambrick (WCAU-TV)

Station Promo and ID (WHYY-TV)

Ed Cunningham and others (WFLN Radio)

Commercials & ID (WTMR Radio)

Anchor Bert Roselle (WCAU-TV)

Pete Silverman does news (WCAU Radio)

Gary Geers doing booth announcing (KYW-TV)

Gary Geers doing a newscast (KYW-TV)

Ed Sciaky interviews the group "Argent" (WMMR Radio)

Harvey Holiday (WDAS-FM)

Larry Kane on "Action News" (WPVI-TV)


Ed Sciaky & T. Morgan speaking with Elton John (WMMR Radio)


Vince Lee & Jay Lloyd (KYW Newsradio)


Bill Bransome describes the moving of the Liberty Bell (KYW Newsradio)

Sid Mark guests on "The Joan Stack Show" (WBUX Radio)

KYW Newsradio IDs

Harry Kalas guests on "The Joan Stack Show" (WBUX Radio)


Harry Kalas guests on "The Joan Stack Show" (WBUX Radio)

WFLN's Ralph Collier guests on "The Joan Stack Show" (WBUX Radio)

Ed Sciaky interviews Billy Joel (WMMR Radio)


Vince Leonard guests on "The Joan Stack Show" (WBUX Radio)


Marge Wieting Interview Show (WYIS Radio)

WFLN Owner Ray Green speaks about the formation of the Broadcast Pioneers

Eugene Ormandy addresses the organization (Person of the Year dinner)


Allen Stone Newscast (WFIL Radio)

Channel 48's Last Editorial (WKBS-TV)

Corssfire with David Madden - Tribute to Jim O'Brien (WFIL Radio)


Bill Bransome on Reporters' Roundup, Death of John Facenda (KYW Radio)

Ed Sciaky interviews Gary U.S. Bonds (WIOQ Radio)


Allen Stone Newscast (WFIL Radio)


Harry Donahue on "Time Out" (KYW Newsradio)


Ed Sciaky interviews Annie Haslam (WYSP Radio)


Jack Steck speaks with Larry Ferrari


John Roberts & Jerry Klein speak about the Beginning of WRTI

Malcolm Poindexter interviews Mike Douglas (KYW-TV)


Kal Rudman talks about Doug "Jocko" Henderson

Our Hall of Fame/Person of the Year Banquet

Malcolm Poindexter on "Worth Hearing" (LaSalle 56)

Herb Clarke speaking to LaSalle University students on campus


Sam Bushman addresses the organization

Al Meltzer addresses the organization

Bill Campbell on "Philly Live" (WYBE)

Vai Sikahema addresses the organization

Marc Howard & Paul Norton address the organization

Gene Crane addresses the organization

Attack on the World Trade Center (KYW Newsradio)


Herb Clarke talks about Howard K. Smith & John Kennedy

Our symposium at NBC-10

John Carlton addresses our organization

KYW-TV Day at the Broadcast Pioneers

Kal Rudman receiving award from Temple University

Sharon Pinkenson addresses the organization


Marc Howard addresses the organization

Merrill Reese addresses the organization

Marc Howard at the Broadcast Symposium (CBS 3, KYW-TV)

In Studio at the Broadcast Symposium (CBS 3, KYW-TV)

The Panel Discussion at the Broadcast Symposium (CBS 3, KYW-TV)

Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz addresses the organization

Jan Dickler, Susan-Cohen Dickler & Ray Murray address the organization

Jack Whitaker addresses the organization

2003 Careers in Media Night

Jay Meyers Addresses the organization


Frank Rizzo addresses the organization

Wally Kennedy addresses the organization

Michael Smerconish addresses the organization

The Broadcast Pioneers Symposium for 2004

Diane Allen addresses the organization

Dawn Timmeney addresses the organization

Tom Lamaine addresses the organization

Roger LaMay addresses the organization

Our Careers in Broadcasting Night at Rowan University

Ruben Amaro, Jr. addresses the organization


Tom Brookshier addresses the organization

Author Jim Rosin addresses the organization

Les Waas addresses the organization

Our 2005 Broadcast Symposiun

Elise Brown addresses the organization

Monica Malpass addresses the organization

Larry Mendte addresses the organization

KYW Newsradio personnel address the organization

Jim Loftus, GM of WOGL addresses the organization

Broadcast Pioneers' Career Night at Temple University

Jere Sullivan & Margaret Cronan Address the Organization


Glen Macnow addresses the organization

Walt Hunter addresses the organization

Larry Kane addresses the organization

Caroline Welch addresses the organization

Ray Didinger addresses the organization

Terry Ruggles addresses the organization

Our WFIL, Famous 56 Luncheon

Careers in Broadcasting at LaSalle University

John Zacherle, Sally Starr, Karen "Stella" Scioli visit to the Broadcast Pioneers

Our Hall of Fame/Person of the Year Banquet

Jerry Lee addresses the organization

2006 College Symposium


Bill Campbell, Joe Pellegrino, Merrill Reese & Tom Brookshier address the organization

Howard Eskin, Dom Giordano, Ed Harvey, Irv Homer & Wally Kennedy

Lew Klein, Ed Cunningham, Bill Russell & Bud Galow address the organization

Our 2007 College Symposium at WPVI-TV

Dawn Stensland, Larry Mendte, Bill & Jo Campbell

Edie Huggins, Don Barnhouse, Tom Brookshier, Jack Facenda, Mel Gollub, Bill Baldini & Herb Clarke

A Celebration of Channel 3

A Celebration of Channel 6

Bruce Flamm, John Roberts, Jimmy Hirschfeld & Gene London

2007 Hall of Fame/Person of the Year Banquet

Dean Tyler, Mike Tearson, Bob Pantano, Don Cannon, Carl Helm, Kevin Fenneseey & Bill Wright

Gene London at the Broadcast Pioneers!


Jerry Klein & Tobias Poole

Howard Eskin, Bill Campbell, John Clark, Scott Franzke, Vince Papale & Tom Brookshier

Philly Rock & Roll Panel Discussion

A Celebration of 60 Years of Channel 10!

Tim Lake, Gene Crane & Peggy King at our luncheon

Tribute to Jim O'Brien Luncheon

Allen Sabinson, Fred Sherman, Johnny Lerro plus Tributes to Bob Bradley & Tim Russert

Philadelphia Broadcast Weathercasters

Marciarose Shestack, Jay Lloyd, Bill Roswell, Irv Homer, Terry Ruggles, Bill Baldini & Dawn Stensland

Our 7th Annual College Symposium

Our Person of the Year and Hall of Fame Banquet

Our Christmastime in TV panel discussion and our 2008 Service Awards


Leslie Gudel, Michael Barkann, Bill Campbell, Bill Vargus, Jim Murray and Merrill Reese

Eyewitness News Day at the Broadcast Pioneers

Our College Career Night at Temple University with WPVI

NBC 10 Day at the Broadcast Pioneers

Our Tribute to Frank Ford

WIBG Reunion

Tribute to Harry Kalas

The Philadelphia Eagles - Now & Then

Danny & The Juniors, Kenny Jeremaih, Billy Carlucci, Nicky DeMatteo and Billy Harner

Broadcast Pioneers College Symposium at CBS 3/The CW Philly 57

Our "Person of the Year" & "Hall of Fame" banquet

John Zacherle & Jimmy Hirshfeld at one of our luncheons!


Our Tribute to Al Alberts Luncheon!

Our Sports Luncheon!

40 Years of Action News Luncheon!

Our Career Night at Temple University!

Tribute to Tom Brookshier!

Tribute to Malcolm Poindexter!

Celebration of KYW Newsradio's 45th birthday & reunion

Celebration of 45 Years of Eyewitness News

Tribute to Bill "Wee Willie" Webber

Our Symposium at 6ABC, WPVI-TV

Holiday Festival at the Broadcast Pioneers


Our Sports Luncheon!

Album Oriented Radio Luncheon!

63 Years of Channel 10 Reunion!

Our Career Night at Temple University!

Our April Luncheon with Karen Curry, Allen Sabinson, Scott Palmer & Al Meltzer

Our Scholarship Winners!

Tribute to Joe Grady!

Jim O'Brien Remembered!

Dave Coskey, Karen Scioli & Larry Kane

Our College Symposium at NBC 10

Our Annual Banquet!

Tribute to Cardinal John P. Foley!


Our 51st Annual Banquet!

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